Paul Heyman Explains Why The Rock's WWE Return Is His 'Most Brilliant' Move Ever

The Rock's return to WWE has been the talk of the industry as of late, especially since he's not just making one-off appearances, and has become an actively seen name on television ahead of competing alongside Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Paul Heyman recently appeared on "The Rich Eisen Show," and explained why Rock's return to WWE is akin to the creation of a "multiverse."


"The most brilliant move Dwayne Johnson has ever made is to jump on this runaway train of success," Heyman said. He then noted how Reigns' monstrous run began all the way back in 2020, and that he's since lifted sports entertainment and the entire industry to heights where WWE could merge with UFC under Endeavor in a 21-billion dollar deal. Heyman then claimed that Rock saw the success of the Reigns-led WWE, then identified it as a moment to bring his own considerable star power into the mix to merge his efforts with "The Tribal Chief." "To me, it's yet another merger, just like WWE and UFC, it's now the Roman Reigns-led WWE product and all that comes with The Rock being the biggest movie star in the world, and you merge those two universes and now you have a multiverse."


However, some have argued that Rock has effectively hijacked the feud between Reigns and Cody Rhodes, as many are now far more interested in the next move he makes instead of "The Tribal Chief's" involvement. Eric Bischoff notably commented on this recently, where he explained that based on how the angle is going, the only main event that fans should be talking about should be between Rock and Rhodes.

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