AEW's Matt Hardy Assesses The Rock's Recent Performance In WWE

The Rock's brutal attack on Cody Rhodes earlier this week quickly became the talk of pro wrestling, especially due to how WWE rarely utilizes blood. On his "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, Matt Hardy commented on Rock's new heel persona, and the lengths he went to attack Rhodes. Hardy praised Rock for taking time out of his extensive Hollywood schedule to work with TKO and appear in WWE again.


"The fact that he is one of the biggest stars in the world when it comes to Hollywood, and he's killing it on that front, and he's somewhat of a boss [in WWE] and he's sitting there with the rest of the boss men with the TKO deal." Following this, Hardy pointed out that Rock seems fully committed to being a heel, and isn't afraid of the fan reaction to his work, something he believes others in "The Final Boss'" position wouldn't be. "They would say like 'I don't wanna damage my popularity as an actor, or make people think that I'm a bad person.' But he's kind of relinquished his fear of being an a**hole and playing the gig as far as wrestling goes."

Hardy also noted how Rock has become a movie bad guy in WWE today. Additionally, he touched on how Rock fulfilled his own prophecy, and that the blood was handled powerfully. "He fulfilled the prophecy, he made him bleed. I feel like it was done very right, because blood isn't something we see very often on WWE TV."


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