Video: The Rock Continues His Assault On Cody Rhodes Following This Week's WWE Raw

The Rock shocked the wrestling world when he brutally attacked Cody Rhodes at the end of "WWE Raw," dishing out a bloody beatdown the likes of which WWE has rarely seen since it adjusted its programming for a PG rating. However, while Rhodes was devastated by the attack to close out the show, the assault didn't end there. In a post shared over social media, Rock revealed that he didn't stop mauling "The American Nightmare" after the producers called for the show to end. According to "The Final Boss," he hates "constraints and bulls**t rules" — possibly referencing the reports claiming that he has been leveraging his TKO role to set his own rules, which he denied — and that he was pissed off that production thought they could tell him to stop.


Rock went on to suggest that this was part of a larger problem he has with individuals, corporations, and governments always telling people what they can or cannot do. He then further suggested that he was a freedom fighter or antihero of sorts by standing up to the WWE producer, because he lives by his own rules. "I do it the way I want to do it. My choice. Our choice. F**k your "clear"- Final Boss"

Recent segments featuring Rock have had many fans comparing current WWE programming to the iconic Attitude Era, especially with "The Final Boss" yet again wearing expensive vests. Booker T also commented on Rock's portrayal as a heel recently, and noted that he's done a good job causing lots of buzz, with WrestleMania season not having been this intriguing in a long time.