Eric Bischoff Points To 'Massive' Business Takeaway From WWE Raw

This week's episode of "WWE RAW" might just go down as a turning point in the history of the promotion, in part due to how many stars pushed the boundaries of the PG rating, but especially because of The Rock's brutal attack on Cody Rhodes. On "83 Weeks," Eric Bischoff commented on the segment, and how it could indicate massive changes in the advertisement deals WWE will strike.


Bischoff noticed that during the backstage segment of the brawl between Rock and Rhodes, an advertisement for Wheatley Vodka was in full view. "He goes to take him outside and as he opens the door, what do we see? We see the back of Cody's bus, which is wrapped with a Wheatley Vodka advertisement. Now, I don't know what that deal is, if it's a Cody deal or a WWE deal." Co-host Conrad Thompson confirmed it was a WWE deal, which visibly surprised Bischoff, who again noted a second occasion the ad was in focus when Rock took the beatdown outside. "How awesome is that? That's the business of the wrestling business. That's a big step. Alcohol and wrestling? Never been able to find a way to play together."


Lastly, Bischoff noted how this could lead to massive deals between WWE and major alcohol companies that often struggle with advertisement. "If you can open up the door to alcohol advertising within the show? You've got a plethora of brands out there who have a hard time advertising because they're alcohol, and now they've got a great audience to advertise to."

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