Backstage Report On Ilja Dragunov's WWE Main Roster Plans

WWE "NXT" Champion Ilja Dragunov has become one of the most dominant men on the entire WWE roster since his arrival in 2019, but only fans of "NXT" have been able to experience what he is made of. He debuted on the "NXT UK" brand and only made sporadic appearances in the United States until 2022, when he became a full-time member of the main "NXT" roster, but with that amount of time on what many people still see as WWE's developmental brand, are there any plans to bring Dragunov to the main roster?


According to Fightful Select, while some people within WWE feel like Dragunov is beyond the brand at this point, there aren't any plans to call him up right away. However, he is expected to switch to the main roster once he loses the "NXT" Championship, whenever that may be. Furthermore, there is a belief within "NXT" that WWE officials see Dragunov in the same way they see current Intercontinental Champion Gunther, and he could be pushed in a similar fashion. 

Given that Dragunov frequently travels back to Europe to visit his family, some people questioned whether he would move to the main roster at all, as that would mean relocating to the United States. However, WWE officials are reportedly happy to work with Dragunov's schedule to make him happy. His trips back to Europe have had some people wondering if he could have a significant role in the launch of NXT Europe, but there are none in place. With "NXT" officials reportedly happy with Dragunov's work, attitude, and the fact that he needs little direction compared to others, his future is certainly looking bright.