Former WWE Star Declares There's 'No Harder Worker' Than John Cena

2023 saw the resurgence of former WWE Superstar Maven Huffman, not in the ring but on his popular YouTube channel, and the first Tough Enough winner has praised fellow Ruthless Aggression Era star John Cena.


Maven was recently a guest on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," where the three-time WWE Hardcore Champion jokingly took issue with the host claiming that John Cena was his best interview. The joke snowballed into Maven's thoughts on the 16-time world champion, where he stated that Cena is one of the most hardworking stars in the business. 

"What I will give that man credit for, two things: one, there's no harder worker in the world than him. No one deserves success more than John. I cannot be happier for the success he's gotten. I'm not learning Mandarin. I'm just not. I can barely speak English," said Maven. 

Huffman additionally credited the former "Doctor of Thuganomics" for being able to continually change and improve himself in and out of the ring. Maven said that Cena could teach classes on marketing and personal re-invention, citing Cena's ability to transition from wrestler into a bona-fide movie star, later becoming a brand of his own. 


Despite Maven and Cena being in WWE at the same time for several years, they never had a match with or against each other, although they both participated in the 2003 Royal Rumble match, where both of them were eliminated by The Undertaker. 

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