Backstage Update On WWE Status Of Giulia After Being Spotted Near WrestleMania Venue

Whether it's at WWE biggest show of the year, or the variety of events that take place in the same city across WrestleMania weekend, fans never know who might show up where. One person who has been spotted out and about in Philadelphia over the past few days is Giulia. The former STARDOM performer was seen walking the floor at WWE World on Thursday, and was backstage at "WWE Smackdown" on Friday with former STARDOM owner Rossy Ogawa after becoming a free agent at the beginning of April.


According to Fightful Select, many people within "NXT" believe that Giulia will be present at "NXT" Stand and Deliver this afternoon. There has reportedly been talk of introducing her in the same manner they used to introduce free agents at "NXT" TakeOver events, by having them sit in the crowd and reveal them as an unexpected surprise, but that has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

Giulia is still set to be part of Ogawa's new promotion when that eventually begins operating, but Fightful's Corey Brennan has been told that she report to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando once she has fulfilled all of her prior commitments. This means that when she begins her tenure with WWE, she will begin on the "NXT" brand as a main roster debut has been completely ruled out.


There were some concerns amongst fans and critics regarding Giulia joining WWE. One of them was the fact that she doesn't speak English, but WWE officials are apparently happy at how much progress she has made at speaking the language. The other was concerning how physical she is in the ring, with reported complaints from wrestlers in the past of her being too stiff, but that rumor has also been dismissed by WWE officials.