Former STARDOM Cornerstones Giulia & Rossy Ogawa Spotted At WWE World At WrestleMania

Rossy Ogawa and Giulia, both previously associated with STARDOM, are reportedly in Philadelphia, the location of this weekend's WWE WrestleMania 40 show.

The landscape of World Wonder Ring STARDOM has completely shifted since the start of the year with the company's founder, Rossy Ogawa, being let go from the company. With Ogawa's departure came a whole host of STARDOM wrestlers leaving the company at the end of their contracts, with one of the most notable being Giulia, the former NJPW STRONG Women's Champion.


According to "Fightful," both Ogawa and Giulia are currently in Philadelphia ahead of WrestleMania weekend, but whether they have any involvement with any WWE events remains to be seen. "PWInsider" also confirmed this report, while also adding that Giulia was spotted walking the floor and taking pictures with fans at the WWE World event. 

It has been heavily rumored for months that Giulia is set to join WWE at some point in the future, but that she will be sticking around in Japan for a little longer to help Ogawa's new promotion get off to a good start. There is no official word, at the time of writing, as to when Ogawa's new promotion will hold its first event, but it seems that until that show takes place, Giulia's WWE debut will be postponed for the foreseeable future.


Ogawa was fired in February 2024 on the grounds of allegedly poaching talent for a new promotion he has since confirmed is in the works. Later details revealed that Ogawa's role as booker of STARDOM had begun to diminish, leading him to hand in his notice to Bushiroad, STARDOM's owners. 

Giulia became a free agent at the beginning of April as she made a surprise appearance at a Pro Wrestling NOAH event in Tokyo on April 1.