STARDOM Founder Rossy Ogawa Confirms Plans To Launch A New Promotion

STARDOM founder and former head producer, Rossy Ogawa, has revealed plans to start his own pro wrestling promotion following his recent departure from the Japanese promotion last week.

Ogawa, in his interview with "Tokyo Sports" [H/T Post Wrestling], stated that he intends to start a new promotion and do things that he couldn't do in STARDOM. 

"A new organization? That's right. I want to do the things that we can't do here (at STARDOM/Bushiroad). There are quite a few things that can't be done here. Because we are a big corporation, we can't do everything," said Ogawa. 

In the same interview, Ogawa dismissed suggestions that he tried to poach talent and staff and revealed that many wrestlers wanted to join him when they heard rumors of him establishing a new promotion.

Ogawa, one of the three founders of STARDOM, was fired by the promotion after being accused of poaching talent. Although he had initially put in his notice and was scheduled to leave on February 18, his departure was expedited to February 4. Dave Meltzer disclosed in a recent report that Ogawa's exit was inevitable as he and STARDOM's owners Bushiroad, butted heads regarding the creative direction of the company. He also stated that WWE's CCO Triple H knew about Ogawa's departure.

AEW CEO Tony Khan was pleased by Ogawa's termination from STARDOM and also seemingly suggested that Ogawa was a WWE mole. Meltzer stated that AEW and Khan's unhappiness with Ogawa stems from AEW wanting a few STARDOM stars on AEW television, which couldn't happen because they were booked for the Japanese promotion's shows. The belief is that with Ogawa gone, AEW could forge a partnership with STARDOM going forward.