WWE NXT GM Ava Raine Unveils Women's NXT North American Championship

Coming off of an astounding victory from Thea Hail, Kelani Jordan, and Fallon Henley over Jacy Jayne, Kiana James, and Izzi Dame at "NXT" Stand and Deliver, General Manager Ava Raine made an announcement that is guaranteed to change the landscape of the "NXT" women's division. Displayed proudly behind her, with a bright white strap and a gold emblem, is the newly announced "NXT" Women's North American Championship.


There is little known about the "NXT" Women's North American Championship, including who will be crowned the inaugural champion and how. It is assumed that this will operate similarly to its masculine counterpart, the "NXT" North American Championship, as a midcard single's title for the "NXT" women's locker room. Raine cited the incredible work of the "NXT" women's locker room for the creation of the title, calling their female Superstars "the best women's division in all of professional wrestling".

After the unification of the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championships and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships in June 2023, the only available title for female "NXT" Superstars was the main title, the "NXT" Women's Championship. Now, female "NXT" Superstars will be able to pursue the singles midcard title, potentially opening up many doors for more female matches on the brand. Shortly after the announcement, Giulia appeared beside William Regal in the crowd of Stand and Deliver. Best known for her work in STARDOM, she has been a free agent since April, and many are anticipating Giulia's WWE debut very soon.