Booker T Gets Candid About WWE Star Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill's AEW tenure saw her as the inaugural TBS Champion, with a lengthy undefeated streak that lasted until her final two matches against Kris Statlander. Despite this, her performance was often criticized online, which Booker T recently addressed on his "Hall of Fame" podcast. Cargill is set to have her first real WWE match during WrestleMania 40, as she teams up with Bianca Belair and Naomi to face Damage CTRL. According to Booker, while her upcoming match is something he's looking forward to, he expected something different.


"If she was going to do something, she needs to be highlighted. I didn't see her being in a tag match or anything like that, but as far as her presentation? It was awesome." Booker then commented on her work in AEW, and explained that he never thought she was bad in the promotion either, but that he thinks she'll improve with WWE. "I didn't think her in-ring work was bad, even when she was with AEW. I thought she was a work in progress, [but] I think this time coming into the WWE banner and then having that time to actually train a little bit more, I think that you could tell."

Lastly, the veteran recalled first seeing her in AEW, and believing she had potential. "She got WWE written all over her. I still feel the same way, she's a star. Somebody like Jade Cargill, they don't come around too often, they come around once in a blue moon. It's like Chyna. Once in a blue moon."


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