Jade Cargill Recalls Looking Up To This WWE Hall Of Famer

WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels previously described Jade Cargill as an "awesome specimen" who was tailor-made for WWE. During a recent interview with "Busted Open Radio," Cargill was asked how she developed her confidence, not only in her physique, but also in how she carries herself. In response, Cargilled pointed toward the inspiration she drew from another striking figure in the company — WWE Hall of Famer Chyna.


"The person I looked up to that gave me confidence was Chyna, and that's being totally honest," Cargill said. "I didn't grow up seeing women who looked like me. I've been muscular my entire life. I have great genetics. However, I put in the work, let's just add that in there too. But seeing her, and maybe she felt different, [but] what I seen was that she was out there owning the stage and taking no crap from anybody else. She embraced how she looked. And I wasn't familiar with that. It made me go out there and say, 'I look damn good. I know who I am. I could care less about what you think.'"

Cargill noted that her carefree mentality also stems from her grandmother and mother, who encouraged her to keep her head down and focus on her academics and sports, rather than her physical appearance. While she now prefers to hold her head up high, Cargill continues to carry forth these foundational lessons taught to her, regardless if she gets tripped up (literally or metaphorically).


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