WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 2 Results (4/7) Rhodes Vs. Reigns, Seth Vs. Drew, Bayley Vs. Iyo, More

The second night of WrestleMania 40 has arrived. WWE fans are filling into Philadelphia, PA's Lincoln Financial Field after a full night of WrestleMania action which set the stage for tonight's finale.


In the main event, Cody Rhodes will have the deck stacked against him as he challenges Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a Bloodline Rules Match, which essentially means there are no rules. What's more, Cody is nursing the physical toll of last night's marathon tag team match against Reigns and The Rock. The match did plenty of damage to Cody's tag partner, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, who will head into night two hobbled in his match against Drew McIntyre.

Also set for the big show, WWE Women's Champion Iyo Sky will defend her title against her former Damage CTRL comrade, 2024 Women's Royal Rumble winner Bayley. WWE United States Champion Logan Paul will have his hands full as he faces Randy Orton and Kevin Owens in a Triple Threat Match. AJ Styles and LA Knight finally get their hands on each other after weeks of attacking each other at every opportunity. Plus a Philadelphia Street Fight between The Pride and The Final Testament.


WWE WrestleMania 40 is set to kick off at 7pm ET on Peacock.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

WrestleMania kicks off with various champions and challengers entering the building. A video package plays, welcoming fans to the show. McIntyre is shown backstage, hyping himself up. Seth Rollins is shown backstage, staring at his world title. The War & Treaty sing "God Bless America."


Stephanie McMahon comes out after the performance. McMahon speaks to the crowd about how special WrestleMania is, with WrestleMania 40 is the one she's most proud of as it's the first WrestleMania of the "Paul Levesque" era. She asks Philadelphia "Are You Ready?" and introduces Night 2 of WrestleMania 40. Bagpipers play "Scotland The Brave" before McIntyre's entrance. Seth is accompanied by the Philadelphia Mummers, in a Carnivale/Mardi Gras themed entrance.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre hits a Claymore Kick right after the bell and covers Rollins for a nearfall. McIntyre sets up for another Claymore Kick and Rollins retreats from the ring. McIntyre gives chase and hits Rollins with a Belly To Belly Suplex on the outside. McIntyre steals a fans phone and takes a selfie. McIntyre drives Rollins into the post. McIntyre breaks the count and gets back out of the ring to batter Rollins more. McIntyre taunts CM Punk, who is on commentary, which gives Seth time to come back and hit a big pedigree on the outside.


Back in the ring and Rollins gets a nearfall off a Stomp. McIntyre counters a Pedigree, dropping Rollins on his back. McIntyre comes back with a series of strikes, battering and staggering Rollins. They trade strikes. McIntyre dazes both men with a big headbutt. McIntyre follows up with a neckbreaker. McIntyre signals for a Claymore Kick. Rollins counters with a powerbomb and a Pedigree. Rollins hits McIntyre with a Stomp. Rollins struggles to cover McIntyre but only gets a nearfall. Rollins's leg is becoming a liability. Rollins climbs to the top rope. McIntyre dodges a Super Stomp. Rollins dodges a Claymore Kick. McIntyre hits a Future Shock for a nearfall. McIntyre gets distracted looking at CM Punk and signals for a GTS. Rollins counters the GTS with a Small Package for a nearfall. McIntyre hits a sudden Claymore Kick for a nearfall. McIntyre is growing beyond frustrated.

McIntyre gets out of the ring and clears off the announce table. Punk says McIntyre can't get it done in the ring, "and needs to use the furniture." McIntyre attempts a powerbomb but Rollins counters. Rollins hits a superkick. Rollins realizes McIntyre is set up for a Stomp on the announce table. Rollins hits a Stomp on the announce table.  Rollins gets McIntyre back in the ring but McIntyre hits a Claymore Kick for a nearfall. McIntyre hits another Claymore Kick for the pinfall.



Rollins postures to McIntyre, saying he respects the new champion's win. McIntyre goes to ringside and shares a moment with his wife. McIntyre then walks over to the announce desk and stares down CM Punk. McIntyre menaces Punk as he climbs across the desk. Punk applauds sarcastically. Punk and McIntyre trash talk each other. Punk tosses McIntyre onto the table and then attacks McIntyre with his arm brace. Punk kicks the crap out of McIntyre. Damian Priest runs down to the ring with his Money In The Bank Briefcase. Priest says he's cashing in and the announcement is made.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Damian Priest

Damian Priest immediately hits South of Heaven for the pinfall.


Philly Street Fight (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Snoop Dogg is introduced as a guest commentator. Bubba Ray Dudley is introduced as the Street Fight referee.

Philly Street Fight: The Pride vs. The Final Testament

Brawl to start. Final Testament retreats to the outside. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford set up a table but get run over by Akam and Rezar. Final Testament get Kendo Sticks. All three men beat Bobby Lashley with Kendo Sticks. Karrion Kross sets up a chair and hits a Neckbreaker on the chair for a nearfall. Akam and Rezar beat Dawkins with sticks. Ford dives off the top rope and gets whacked with a stick in mid-air. Akam and Rezar hit Stereo Powerbombs on Ford and Dawkins. They stack up the two men and Kross covers but B-Fab breaks it up. Scarlett rushes B-Fab and both women brawl out of the ring. Lashley stops Stereo Powerbombs and attacks Kross. Lashley hits a big Belly-To-Belly on Kross. Dawkins takes out Akam and Rezar at ringside. Montez Ford hits a big dive out of the ring.


Lashley beats Kross with a chair. Lashley hits a Uranage onto the chair. Lashley signals for the Hurt Lock. Scarlett breaks up The Hurt Lock with a kendo stick. B-Fab hits a Pump Kick on Scarlett. B-Fab hits Scarlett with a Russian Leg Sweep on the apron, through the table at ringside. Karrion Kross hits Lashley with a Saito Suplex. Kross sets up a chair and hits a DDT on the chair for a nearfall. Kross argues with Bubba Ray. Bubba puts his glasses on. Lashley spears Kross. Bubba asks Ford and Lashley to set Kross up and Ford hits the Wazzup Headbutt to the nuts on Kross.

Bubba tells The Pride to get the tables. Ford and Dawkins set up a table. They put Kross on the table and it breaks. Ford and Dawkins get another table. Ford whacks the hell out of Kross with a kendo stick. Kross gets put on a fresh table and Ford hits a Frog Splash through the table for the pinfall.


WINNERS: The Pride

Backstage, Logan Paul does pushups. A video package recaps last night's main event tag team match. Somewhere else backstage, Paul Heyman explains Bloodline Rules. Basically there are no rules.

LA Knight arrives in a sick-ass Slim Jim car.

Styles vs. Knight

During his entrance, LA Knight hands the keys to his sick-ass Slim Jim car to a lucky fan at ringside. Fans are shown in the Slim Jim section, some of which are simulating fellatio with the Slim Jims. The camera pans around to avoid them. Styles storms the ring during his entrance and the bell rings.


LA Knight vs. AJ Styles

They batter each other in the corner. Styles gets Knight on the ropes and chops him. Knight sends Styles to the outside and clocks him with a baseball slide. Knight smashes Styles into the announce table repeatedly. 

Both men get back in the ring but Styles pounces, tweaking the ring rope to crotch Knight. Styles uses the upper hand and starts abusing Knight's leg. Knight tries to fight back but Styles continues to attack Knight's leg, as Knight hobbles around the ring. Knight fights off Styles once again. He counters a kneebreaker with a sunset flip for a nearfall. After a series of clotheslines, Knight hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Styles retreats to the corner, where Knight kicks him repeatedly and then hits a running knee. Knight hits a springboard Tornado DDT for a nearfall.


Knight puts Styles on the top rope. Styles counters a Superplex and hits a big German Suplex. Styles hits a Wheelbarrow Facebuster for a nearfall. Styles climbs to the top rope but Knight recovers and goes back on the attack. Knight pummels Styles on the top rope and bites his head. Knight goes for a Super Backdrop but Styles rakes the eyes. Knight recovers and hits an Avalanche German Suplex for a nearfall.

Styles comes back and locks in a Calf Crusher. Knight fights to the rope. Styles is frustrated. He rereats to ringside. He grabs Knight and drags him to the corner, where he crushes Knight's leg into the ringpost. Styles hits a running dropkick, once again crushing Knight's knee against the post. Knight counters, sending Styles into the ringpost. Knight pulls back the padding at ringside. Styles counters and Knight lands on the exposed floor. Styles gets in the ring. Knight barely beats a countout at 9.99.

Styles gets Knight back in the ring. Styles goes for a Springboard 450 but Knight gets his knees up. They trade blows. Knight picks up momentum but Styles snuffs it with a Pele Kick. Knight dodges a Phenomenal Forearm. Styles counters BFT with a rollup for a nearfall. Knight counters a Styles Clash. Knight counters a Phenomenal Forearm. Knight hits BFT for the pinfall.



A video plays announcing the next Saudi Arabia event. A video plays recapping the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony from Friday. The 2024 Class is presented to the fans. Thunderbolt Patterson is escorted by Gerald Brisco. Bull Nakano has nunchucks that match her dress. Paul Heyman enters to the ECW theme song, carrying Reigns's title belt.

WWE United States Title Triple Threat

Logan Paul enters in a Prime-themed truck that looks like it could comfortably run over an army. Logan fires pyro technic at the stage from a massive red, white and blue bottle of Prime. Clad in Philadelphia Eagles-themed gear, he preens down the ramp as a living bottle of Prime dances down the ramp with him. Backstage, Sami Zayn shows Kevin Owens his newly-won Intercontinental Title and tells Kevin, "Your turn now!"


Kevin Owens enters, goes backstage, and reemerged in a Kevin Owens-themed golf cart. Randy Orton makes a very normal entrance while Kevin does his best to park the golf cart. Owens almost runs over Orton and gives him a ride in the golf cart to compensate. Owens tears ass down the ramp, while Orton holds on for dear life.

WWE United States Championship Match: Logan Paul (c) vs. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton

Paul immediately retreats to ringside. Orton and Owens pummel Paul. They take turns dropping Paul onto announce table. They conference as Paul writhes in agony. Orton shows Paul the proper way to throw Paul onto the announce table. Everyone gets back in the ring and the alliance between Orton and Owens nearly fractures but the return to stomping on Paul and their friendship is rekindled. 


Owens asks Paul if he's having a good time. Paul is not. Orton hits a big back elbow. Owens hits a Senton. Both men try to pin Paul and catch themselves. They decide to go back to beating up Logan but Orton tries to hit an RKO, though Owens counters. The two men decide to fight and begin to throw hands. Paul recovers and takes advantage.

Paul mounts Owens and pummels him. Paul stomps on Orton. Logan plays to the crowd. Paul slams Owens's head into the turnbuckle over and over again. Paul turns his attention to Orton but Owens hits Paul with a Superkick. Both Orton and Paul are sandwiched in the corner. Owens hits a Cannonball. Paul counters a Swanton Bomb. Paul hits Owens hits a Swanton Bomb, rolls through and hits a Frog Splash on Orton. Paul tries to pin both men to no avail.

Logan and Randy trade blows. Logan builds momentum with a series of uppercuts. Orton falls to his knees. Orton pokes Paul in the eyes and sends him out of the ring. Orton levels Owens with a series of lariats. Orton hits a powerslam and flexes. Orton sets up a Hangman DDT but Paul breaks it up. Orton counters a Buckshot Lariat with a Powerslam. Orton sets up Owens and Paul for a double Hangman DDT.

Paul counters an RKO. Owens superkicks Orton. Owens nearly gets a pinfall on Paul. Owens climbs to the top rope. Orton stops Owens. Orton and Paul and Owens fight in the corner. Orton is fought off. Owens hits Paul with an Avalanche Powerslam. He climbs to the top rope and crushes Logan Paul with a Moonsault for a nearfall. Orton rolls up Owens for a nearfall. They trade blows. Orton hits an RKO outta nowhere for a nearfall.


Paul gets out of the ring and slides on brass knuckles. Orton dodges. Paul rakes Orton's eyes and hits him with the brass knuckles for a nearfall. Owens stops Paul from using them and gets hit with the brass knuckles for his trouble. Orton hits Paul with an RKO but can't cover. All three men are down.

Orton grabs the brass knuckles. Orton hands the brass knuckles to the referee. Orton lines up for a Punt Kick. The bottle of Prime pulls Logan out of the ring. IShowSpeed reveals himself as the bottle of Prime. Orton boots him in the gut and clears the announce table. Orton trips IShowSpeed out of the Prime costume. Orton gets Speed on the table. Orton barks at IShowSpeed and hits him with an RKO on the table. Paul sends Orton back in the ring. Orton dodges a Frog Splash. Owens hits a Pop Up Powerbomb on Paul. Owens hits a Stone Cold Stunner on Orton for a nearfall.

Owens brings Orton to his feet. Orton counters Pop Up Powerbomb with an RKO. Paul throws Orton out of the ring and hits Kevin Owens with the Frog Splash for the pinfall.


WWE Women's Championship Match

Bayley enters on the shoulders of a number of wrestlers dressed like Anubis. She has wings, like an Egyptian goddess. Her manservants bow down to her as her real music kicks in and she makes her entrance. Iyo Sky enters, flanked by a dancing Damage CTRL.


WWE Women's Championship Match: Iyo Sky (c) vs. Bayley

The two women circle each other to start. They lock up. Bayley shoves Iyo to the canvas. Iyo retreats to ringside. Iyo gets back in the ring. They lock up. Iyo throws Bayley by her hair. Bayley gets out of the ring. Bayley gets back in the ring. They lock up. They tussle. They roll out of the ring. They trade blows. Sky smashes Bayley into the apron and throws her back in the ring. Sky drops Bayley. Bayley retreats to ringside. Bayley stops a suicide dive and spikes Sky on the apron. Bayley gets in the ring, picks up a head of steam, and wipes out Sky with a tope suicida. Bayley gets Sky back in the ring for a nearfall. Sky retreats but Bayley keeps up with a baseball slide. Sky dodges a sliding dropkick and attacks Bayley's leg on the apron and post.


Back in the ring, Bayley is cornered. Bayley tries to fight back but Sky hits a Dragon Screw. Sky maintains dominance. Sky rolls up Bayley and hits a punishing stomp to the stomach. Sky covers for a nearfall. They fight to ringside.

They trade blows. Sky gets the upper hand with a stiff blow. Bayley throws Sky over the barricade. Sky tries to fight back but Bayley counters and crushes Sky with a spinebuster on the floor. Bayley gets Sky back in the ring for a nearfall.

Bayley keeps up the attack, pummeling Sky in the corner. Bayley hits a Fireman's Carry Side Slam for a nearfall. Bayley climbs to the top rope but Sky recovers and knocks Bayley out with a Shotei palm strike. Bayley collapses to ringside. Iyo delivers a huge moonsault to the outside. Sky gets Bayley back in the ring and hits a springboard dropkick for a nearfall. 

Back and forth exchange until Bayley hits a vicious Sunset Flip, which sends the back of Iyo Sky's head crashing into the turnbuckle. Bayley covers for a nearfall. Sky fights back and folds up Bayley with a series of German Suplexes for a nearfall. Iyo climbs to the top rope and attempts a Moonsault but Bayley gets her knees up, injuring her wounded limb in the process. Sky counters a Diving Elbow Drop with a Crossface. Bayley rolls Iyo up to break the hold. Iyo locks in another Crossface. Iyo Sky transitions into an STF. Bayley fights out. Bayley hits a Bayley To Belly for a nearfall.


Iyo Sky counters a Rose Plant. Iyo levels Bayley with an elbow strike. Bayley fights back to her feet. Both women trade blows. Iyo rolls up Bayley for a nearfall. Iyo hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker. Sky climbs the top rope. Sky hits a Moonsault. Bayley kicks out at two. Iyo hits a Standing Moonsault. Iyo hits a Second Rope Moonsault. Iyo climbs to the top rope. Bayley dodges another moonsault Iyo counters a Rose Plant. Bayley hits a huge lariat. Bayley hits a Back Suplex. Bayley climbs to the top rope. Bayley hits an Elbow Drop. Bayley hits Rose Plant for the pinfall.


Will Cody Finish His Story?

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders reveal Snoop Dogg, who announces the attendance. Pyro goes off. Snoop dances with the cheerleaders and the Eagles mascot. A video package plays, recapping the story Cody is attempting to finish.


Cody Rhodes enters wearing a skull and holding hands with his wife, Brandi. He is too emotional to properly sing along to his theme like he usually does. He goes to ringside and kisses his mom and hugs his sister. Brodie Lee's son is also with Cody's family. Roman Reigns enters, played out by a high school choir and orchestra. There is much pyro for both men.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Bloodline Rules Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

The two men stare each other down. They circle each other. Rhodes tries to take Roman down but Roman fights him off. Cody out-wrestles Roman again, who smacks Rhodes to knock him off his game. Reigns floors Cody with a shoulder tackle.

They circle each other. They lock up. Roman sends Cody off the ropes. Cody hits gut kick and a right hand to the ear. Cody sends Roman into the ringpost. Roman retreats to ringside. Cody goes under the ring and gets a table. Roman hits Cody with a Drive-By Dropkick out of nowhere. Reigns puts the table back under the ring, much to the crowd's chagrin. Cody sends Roman into the steel steps. Rhodes throws Reigns back in the ring. Roman immediately retreats to ringside. Cody drags Roman but Reigns hits Cody with a Kendo Stick. Reigns pummels Rhodes with the Kendo Stick. Roman plays to the crowd. Roman winds up but Cody counters. Reigns dodges a Kendo Stick shot and the stick is sent out of the ring. Rhodes takes down Reigns and locks in a Figure Four Leglock. Reigns fights out. Reigns stomps away on Cody.


Roman smashes Cody into the turnbuckle, then into another turnbuckle. Reigns tosses Rhodes out of the ring. 

"I'm gonna miss whupping your ass," Roman yells as he fights Cody into the crowd. Reigns takes Rhodes onto a platform. Cody counters a suplex attempt. Reigns tries to batter Rhodes, but Rhodes suplexes Reigns onto the platform. Cody takes Reigns back to ringside. Rhodes throws Reigns back in the ring. Reigns counters a Springboard Roundhouse with a Sitout Last Ride Powerbomb. Both men are down.

Roman recovers and chokes Rhodes on the ropes.

"I'll send you to Hollywood like the rest of them, this is my company you little b***h," Reigns chides as he continues the assault. Reigns gets a nearfall on Rhodes. Reigns locks in a Cravate. Cody fights out of the Cravate. Reigns hits a big Fisherman's Suplex for a nearfall. Reigns corners Rhodes and starts knocking him around the ring with powerful punches and lariats. Rhodes fires up and delivers a series of quick strikes. Both men trade blows and drop the other. Both men are down.

They struggle to their feet. They resume trading blows. Cody comes back with a series of strikes and delivers a swift Powerslam. Rhodes hits a Springboard Roundhouse for a nearfall. Reigns counters a Cody Cutter with a Cross Rhodes and covers for a nearfall. Reigns and Heyman joke about how Reigns could kick Cody's ass forever. Reigns is having a very good time.


Reigns signals for a Superman Punch. Cody counters with punches and a Bionic Elbow, in tribute to Dusty Rhodes. Cody signals to his father in heaven, as Reigns escapes the ring. Cody gives chase and clears off the announce table. Reigns recovers and punches Cody in the scrotum. Reigns powerbomb Cody through the announce table. Reigns throws Cody in the ring and hits a Superman Punch. Reigns covers for a nearfall. Reigns signals for a spear but Cody counters and hits a Cody Cutter. Cody crawls into a pinfall but Reigns kicks out at 2. Reigns fights out of a Cross Rhodes attempt. Reigns goes for a Rock Bottom but Cody counters. Cody hits a Spear and covers for a nearfall.

Cody hits Cross Rhodes. Cody goes for a second but Jimmy Uso appears out of nowhere and Superkicks Rhodes. Jimmy sets up Cody and Reigns hits a Superman Punch. Jey Uso's music plays. Jimmy and Jey brawl on the outside. Jey spears Jimmy off the stage and through some tables. In the ring, Cody rolls up Roman for a nearfall. Roman hits a Spear for a nearfall.

Roman Reigns locks in a Guillotine Choke. Rhodes sends them both out of the ring, breaking the Guillotine. Cody recovers and spears Roman Reigns through the barricade. Rhodes gets Reigns back in the ring. Cody hits Cross Rhodes. Cody hits a second Cross Rhodes. Cody goes for a third. Solo Sikoa appears out of nowhere and jams his thumb in Cody's throat. Solo covers Cody with an unconscious Reigns. Cody kicks out at 2. Solo pummels Rhodes. Reigns struggles to his feet. Roman spears Rhodes as Sikoa hits a Samoan Spike. Reigns covers. Cody kicks out at 2.99.


John Cena's music hits. Cena appears and attacks Sikoa. Sikoa is sent out of the ring. Cena hits Reigns with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena hits Sikoa with an Attitude Adjustment through the announce table. The Rock's music hits. The Rock appears. The Rock and Cena face off in the ring. Cena removes his shirt. They soak in the moment. Cena says "You can't see me." Rock hits Cena with a Rock Bottom. The Sheild music hits. Seth Rollins appears -in full Shield gear- with a chair but Roman Reigns hits him with a Superman Punch to stop him. The Undertaker's music hits. The lights go out. Lights up, Biker Undertaker appears behind The Rock. Undertaker chokeslams The Rock. Lights go out. Lights come back up. He's gone.

Reigns and Rhodes fight to their feet. Reigns grabs a chair. He wails on Seth Rollins, like Rollins did to Reigns 10 years ago. Cody hits Cross Rhodes. Cody hits a second Cross Rhodes. Cody struggles for a third. Cody hits Cross Rhodes for the pinfall.


An emotional Cody Rhodes is handed the title, just as "My father said, when I was younger, Hard Times make better men." The Rock looks furious at Reigns. Rhodes is overcome as he poses with the title for the fans. Kevin Owens, LA Knight, John Cena, Randy Orton, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn and Brandi Rhodes celebrate with Cody in the ring. CM Punk comes to the ring to raise Rhodes hand. Rhodes's mother gets in the ring and hugs her son. Cody hands his mother the title and she poses with the title.


Cody grabs a microphone. Cody asks Bruce Prichard and Paul Levesque to join him in the ring. Prichard and Levesque both go to the ring. Prichard hugs Rhodes. Levesque shakes Rhodes's hand and hugs him. The two men share a moment. Levesque raises Rhodes's hand. More celebrations follow. Cody gets out of the ring and hugs Michael Cole. Cody shakes Corey Graves and Pat McAfee's hands. Cody shakes Seth Rollins's hand and thanks him for helping him. Cody gets out of the ring and shakes Nick Khan's hand.

The show ends with a recap video.