Cody Rhodes Explains Why Fans Have Resonated With Him After WWE WrestleMania 40 Win

Cody Rhodes is the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion after defeating Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Rhodes has stated for over a year that he has to "finish the story," and that story was not only beating Reigns for the title, but proving that you can bet on yourself and make everyone proud by just working hard. Rhodes talked about this at the WrestleMania 40 post-show press conference, where he said that as much as his story is similar to a father-son tale, there's a lot more to it, and that's why he believes it's connected with fans. 


"If I'm truly being honest, I think it's a story of as much as I had the legacy and I had the last name, I wasn't born with all the tools," Rhodes said. "My brother is 6'4. Do you know how p***ed off I was when I stopped growing? My dad and my sister just had all of this charisma, and I think people resonate; that works for them. You can make it to the main event, you can make it to being THE main event. I always wanted to be a winning franchise if that makes any sense, and at my age and where I'm at in my career, I know that's not been the story, but I'm very proud of what the story has become." 

Rhodes concluded by saying that people connected with him and his story because it was real and genuine, and everyone could relate to it in some form. Regarding the father-son element of the tale, Cody revealed what he'd say to Dusty Rhodes if his dad were still around to have witnessed his big WrestleMania victory.


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