Nick Khan Explains Why There's No Crossover Between WWE And UFC

The premier organizations in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts were officially brought under the same umbrella after UFC's parent company, Endeavor, closed its acquisition of WWE to merge the brands into TKO Group Holdings. Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel instituted a new hierarchy under TKO, with Dana White continuing as UFC President and Nick Khan at the helm of WWE. But there isn't expected to be any crossover between the two promotions in the foreseeable future. 


Nick Khan addressed why that was the case during a recent appearance on "The Town with Matthew Belloni," explaining that there is a crucial distinction in what each organization does. 

"We're predetermined. We think our athletes are the best in the world and all of those great things," he said of WWE before talking up UFC. "Those guys are fighting each other for their lives and their livelihood. It's a great sport and they've done a tremendous job. I think Mark Shapiro said at a conference a couple of years ago, UFC's the number four sport in the country. So we at WWE think that UFC has earned that status. People talk about it, it's pervasive, it's penetrated society. You might say to your kid I'm gonna tap out. Like, I'm done for the night. That's all UFC." 


Khan currently serves as the President of WWE, leading the company's business with Paul "Triple H" Levesque operating as the Chief Content Officer running the creative end of things. Former Executive Chairman of TKO, Vince McMahon, was reportedly instrumental in aiding UFC in its Saudi Arabia deal last year. But McMahon resigned from his roles with TKO and WWE following the sex trafficking lawsuit filed against him in January.