WWE Star John Cena Teases Earlier-Than-Expected Retirement From Pro Wrestling

John Cena enjoyed a monumental career in pro wrestling and will most likely be remembered as one of the greatest stars of his generation, but even though he's recently returned to WWE, "The Champ" will retire someday. In a recent appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," Cena hinted that the day of his retirement might be sooner than most realize, especially if he can't fulfill his obligations to his fans.


"When I feel I can no longer perform to the capacity of the product, it's time to step away," Cena said. "That's not tough, the toughest thing is that I love it so much." Cena is taking an active hand in preparing himself for a self-imposed limit on his career.

"I put a line in the sand for myself for 50, and I honestly think it's going to be before that," Cena confessed. "I'll be 47 in a few weeks."

Cena's already working to step back from WWE and thinks that the company is in a good place to lose him, as he feels the quality of WrestleMania 40 did not hinge on his involvement, meaning the company doesn't need him the way it used to. The knowledge the company is in good hands is a major relief for Cena.


"It is gonna be time soon for me to go, and I'm embracing that and enjoying that and it allows me to be present," Cena said. "I can say this with the utmost certainty: I will always, always be part of the WWE family but the time to compete in the WWE has come to a close."

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