Nick Khan Details The Process Of Selling WWE Raw To Netflix

After over 30 years on traditional cable television, "WWE Raw" will be heading to streaming in 2025, as the streaming giant Netflix bought the rights to the flagship show earlier this year. In a new interview with "The Town," WWE President Nick Khan said the deal came down to great timing, as WWE was looking for a new home for "Raw" just as Netflix was looking to get into live programming.


"We felt it was a robust marketplace," Khan said, noting that Netflix was wary of entering the live broadcasting market, but the simplicity of WWE's broadcasting operations made Endeavor management optimistic about the company's chances with Netflix. "Once you're in the room, you have a chance to get people to do things they might not always do."

Khan says that an internal dissension at Netflix that was caused by the negotiations was kept far away from WWE, leading to a united front from Netflix by the time meetings happened.

"Once we went in for that initial pitch meeting, it was clear there was a path here," Khan said. The executive feels that Netflix will help the company enter many more marketplaces without having to navigate each individual media market for foreign countries. Khan also doesn't feel WWE has left any money on the table with the deal.


"We didn't give up that much money...I thought Netflix did not play around in the best ways," Khan explained, feeling that Netflix made a "robust offer" and was willing to work out any issues between the two companies.