Charlotte Flair Explains How Cody Rhodes Won Gold At WWE WrestleMania 40

Cody Rhodes' triumphant victory during WrestleMania 40 is seemingly being celebrated by most of the roster, largely due to how historic Roman Reigns' title run was. Charlotte Flair is no stranger to championship gold, and during a post-WrestleMania interview with ESPN, "The Queen" reflected on Rhodes' journey to the top.


"I really think his story is just beginning. He's exactly where he should be," Flair declared. She then noted how many publicly tried to put Rhodes down on his way back to WWE. "The biggest takeaway is that Cody was here. He went away, he came back. Kind of like Paul Heyman's speech at the Hall of Fame — People kept telling him, 'No, no,' or things kept failing. That never wavered either person's confidence." Flair also urged everyone to focus on the lesson Rhodes' championship victory has, and why she thinks he ultimately wound up being successful.

"Cody is a testament to knowing your worth. I think that's what we need to take away from tonight. He believed in himself and he knew that he deserved more. That's why he walked out of WrestleMania 40 as champion." Despite being the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Rhodes has largely been humble about his victory. "The American Nightmare" even went as far as praising Reigns' lengthy run, calling it one of the best in both sports and entertainment. While the gravity of his victory has clearly dawned on him, it seems Rhodes wants to establish a new legacy with the title that'll differ greatly from Reigns'.


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