Bayley Talks Change In WWE In New Era Under Triple H, Says Fans Have Pushed For It

A now 4-time WWE Women's Champion, Bayley defeated her former Damage CTRL ally Iyo Sky at Wrestlemania 40, and made an appearance at Sunday's post-show press conference, where she spoke about ushering in a new era of WWE and the change within the company. Bayley described feeling a significant change when she returned at SummerSlam 2022, and also expressed how the fans have really pushed for a new beginning in wrestling.


"I felt the change as soon as I came back from my injury, the first time at SummerSlam in that locker room I felt that it was different ...just being in Hunter's presence I felt everybody was excited for the future and had hope. I think the fans have been feeling that too and it's almost as if you guys are doing this with us," Bayley said.

Bayley also shared her admiration for Stephanie McMahon, who made her onscreen return at the WWE Hall of Fame. The "Role Model" explained how genuine and caring Stephanie has been in the WWE locker room, as well as how important it was for women in the industry to watch her open Night 2 of Wrestlemania 40. "She's just such an awesome person to have around. She's so genuine and real, she takes care of you, she looks at you in your eyes when you're talking to her, like she cares ... seeing her go out there and say the "Welcome to Wrestlemania", to me that was huge. That was like women can be in this position right now and can welcome the world to the biggest show in the world." In a testament to the new era, Bayley was only one of seven new champions crowned at WrestleMania 40.