Brian Cage Gives Update On AEW Contract Status

AEW star Brian Cage's booking in the promotion has been the subject of a lot of criticism online, with many voicing his lack of major matches as a cause for concern. Speaking with "Unleashed TV," Cage revealed that he actually had talks with WWE when his contract was nearing it's end, and why he ultimately decided to re-sign with AEW.


"I was going back and forth with WWE and AEW with my agent. You know, trying to see where we should fit and there's pros and cons to both and a big reason," Cage said. He then explained that the aforementioned "big reason" was due to the certainty surrounding the potential deals he'd get from either promotion. "It's not necessarily a guaranteed contract [from AEW.] But, for lack of a better term, the contract was essentially guaranteed compared to WWE's. I could be signed there today, gone tomorrow, you know what I mean?"

Cage then revealed that his current AEW deal is for a lengthy term, and then explained how his family situation also factored into his final decision. "We just had another kid too. My son's about four-and-a-half months old now, and I have two other kids. I was just thinking for, not just professionally but personally, for the security, for the length of the contract, and comfortability as well." "The Machine" lastly noted that he also chose AEW due to the simple fact that he's already accustomed to the environment. "I was like, 'If it's not broke, maybe don't fix it'. And I was like, 'Yeah, maybe it's just best to stay here and stay put and make the best out of it.'"