AEW's Jeff Jarrett Comments On 'New Era' In WWE

Paul "Triple H" Levesque is embracing a new era in WWE. The company seems to be experiencing a renaissance, and people are starting to believe that it is on the cusp of something special. This new era has been solidified over the past few weeks with the success of WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes finishing his story, and several long-tenured company employees deciding to leave. AEW star Jeff Jarrett has noticed this and talked about it openly on his "My World" podcast, highlighting the departure of Kevin Dunn as something that has contributed massively to this new era. 


"It is without question a new era," Jarrett said. "I think with the thing I've noticed also, with Kevin Dunn not sitting in the seat, how things are shot, how things are produced just a little bit of that...I think me and you [co-host Conrad Thompson] were texting about the behind-the-scenes show that's about to come out, there's more there than meets the eye."

Jarrett believes that the new era being pushed so heavily is not a coincidence or lucky timing; it's a strategic initiative to be loud, proud, and bold about the fact that they have positioned themselves in a place where they don't have any association with things linked to Vince McMahon. McMahon left the company in January 2024 following a lawsuit being filed against him and WWE, as well as former Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, which is something that WWE has had to try and keep people's attention away from since the news broke.


Please credit "My World" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.