ROH Champ Mark Briscoe Reflects On Death Of Late Brother Jay Briscoe

Mark Briscoe won his first ROH World Championship at Supercard of Honor, 11 years after his late brother Jay Briscoe captured the same title. Furthermore, his reign with the ROH Championship is the first title run for Mark Briscoe since he and his brother had their 13th ROH World Tag Title cut short by Jay's tragic death. Briscoe opened up on starting a new chapter in his career without his brother on "Under The Ring," revealing that he had considered leaving wrestling altogether. 


"That was my very first thought; I'm never wrestling again," he explained. "But it didn't take long for me to reconsider and change my mind there once I got thinking what he would want me to do... I can't not wrestle; I can't just quit at this point. I've got to carry on for him."

Briscoe further revealed that he's embracing his new singles chapter, which is something he had never truly experienced before. He noted that he and his brother would occasionally split, feud, and reunite further down the line. However, Jay Briscoe was always the more successful singles wrestler, holding the ROH World title twice in 2013. He said, "Everybody knew that's the Briscoe brothers, that's the tag team, and we did everything there was to do. But now, as being a strictly singles guy rather than just dabbling into the singles stuff, it's cool, it's fresh, it's something new... I had my tag team career, and I give it the A+, two thumbs up. Now it's time to hopefully do the same in the singles arena."