AEW Star Will Ospreay Explains Why The UK Should Legalize Marijuana

AEW star Will Ospreay has called on UK legislators to legalize marijuana in his country. While it is legal to consume marijuana in 38 out of 50 US states and Canada has fully legalized its use, the UK has yet to decriminalize it as a Class-B drug, with it only available to those specifically prescribed by a consultant. 


Ospreay explained during his appearance on "Hey!(EW)" why legalizing marijuana could address many of the UK's growing issues. 

"I think just legalizing marijuana would be the best thing to do," he opined. "Then you just tax that because people will pay for it. Tax it, then give [the tax money] to the NHS nurses because they're being sorely f**ked, and I feel so bad because I love the NHS, the health system. It saved me and it saved my dad. It's an incredible place and I feel like they're just being f**ked constantly. So I feel like if you just legalize marijuana like you guys done over here in Canada, in America, and then just tax it."

Ospreay is by no means the first wrestler to advocate for the herbal remedy, with WWE legend Bret Hart constantly supporting its merits, while Rob Van Dam is one of the biggest proponents of the drug. WWE has even relaxed its Wellness Policy when it comes to using it. Although the policy still mentions it as a banned substance, the company has reportedly stopped testing and reprimanding its talent for its usage.


Measured between 2021 and 2022, police and border services in England and Wales made approximately 131,668 seizures of marijuana, dwarfing the amount of cocaine seized at approximately 18,228 times.