Lex Luger Wants This AEW Star To Use His Torture Rack Submission

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger was known for stretching his opponents with the Torture Rack, an Argentine Rack that requires a significant amount of strength to pull off. Powerhouse Hobbs has recently resurrected the move in AEW, who now does the move during matches, albeit not as a finisher. 


On the latest episode of "The Lex Express," Luger said he's surprised more wrestlers aren't attempting the move.

"I'm surprised no one's used The Torture Rack as their finish. I know it's not an easy finish to put on anybody. There's some guys who have some good physiques out there who could pull that off. I got a young guy, Jonathan Young from [Survivor]...he's starting to train to be a wrestler and he could be the 'Total Package 2.0' and maybe use the Torture Rack as his finish if he ends up geting into wrestling. So there's a possibility in the future. There's a guy in AEW, Powerhouse Hobbs, he's using The Rack a little bit. He's got a good look. I respect him."

Luger says Hobbs called him to ask about using the Torture Rack and "The Total Package" admitted that Hobbs didn't need his permission.


"I'm like, 'Man, rack 'em up! I don't consider it like 'my move.' It's a great finish," Luger chuckled. The former NWA United States Champion notes that the move still has a high rating in the WWE 2K games, and it was even popular with "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.

"And Dusty [Rhodes] loved it," Luger said. "Dusty gave me the finish because he liked the way it showed my body."