Lex Luger Names His Toughest Torture Rack Ever

Lex Luger began his wrestling career in 1985 and had his last match in 2006. Over his 20+ year career, Luger won many of his matches with a move known as the Torture Rack, a move that saw him hold his opponent on his shoulders face up, jumping up and down to cause them pain. Luger has done this to many men over the years, but, one more than all the others proved to be his most difficult test.

On the October 21st, 1997 edition of WCW's Monday night show, "Nitro," Luger faced off against the near-400-pound Road Block. During the match, Luger attempted to lock in the Torture Rack on Road Block, only to drop him. Luger was unsuccessful on his second try as well, but he didn't quit, and on the third attempt, he was able to lock in the Torture Rack for the win. Earlier today, responding to a year-old video of the match finish posted on Twitter, Luger bestowed Road Block with a rare honor.

"My toughest Torture Rack EVER!!!" Luger tweeted, adding the hashtag #NeverGiveUp.

The Total Package found a great deal of championship success in WCW, winning the WCW United States Championship, the WCW World Television Championship, the WCW World Tag Team Championships, and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship — twice per title. Despite this, Luger has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame due to issues outside the ring. Luger has also suffered greatly the past few years when it comes to his physical health since enduring a spinal injury in 2007, which diminished his abilities and left him wheelchair-bound.