Dave Meltzer Discusses Speculation On Former WWE Head Vince McMahon's Future Plans

Ever since the lawsuit filed by Janel Grant in January, professional wrestling has been a Vince McMahon-free zone, and a lot of people seem very happy about it. McMahon resigned from his positions in WWE and the TKO Board of Directors following the lawsuit that accused him of sex trafficking and assault, and despite how much McMahon did over the years in WWE, the company is doing even better than when he was in charge. However, wrestling is in McMahon's DNA, which begs the question: Will he try and come back?


"The big topic when it comes to Vince is, and I've talked to several people and written to several people as well, key people in the business, do you think he's going to try and come back and do something on his own?" Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio, to which co-host Bryan Alvarez responded by saying he would be skeptical of McMahon trying to come back immediately, and questioned whether or not a new company would actually work given his reputation in recent years and the fact that most top North American talents are under contract with WWE or AEW.

While Meltzer agreed with Alvarez, he did have one person come back to him with a fairly concrete yes. "I've had people who are pretty in tune that believe that — he's got a non-compete so I think that he would not be able to start for several months, but basically one person who I was talking to who believed that he would." Meltzer countered the argument of people being under contract with the fact that a number of WWE and AEW contracts expire this year, and with the $2.2 billion he could get from selling his shares in TKO, money would be no issue for McMahon.


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