WWE's Dominik Mysterio Says He's Got Plenty On His Bucket List

Dominik Mysterio has truly come a long way since he was used as a bargaining chip in the heated feud between his father Rey Mysterio and the late Eddie Guererro, who infamously had a Ladder Match for his custody. Today, Dominik is one of the most hated heels in WWE and a rising star, but while speaking with "Cheap Heat," he declared that he still has many things left to achieve.


"I take it day by day, man. I don't like to get too ahead of myself," Dominik said. Despite this, the former North American Champion revealed that he definitely has goals to capture more gold in WWE. "I would definitely like to get some more gold whether that's the first-ever tag champs with Mami; something different. Even JD too. Maybe world champ one day, who knows?" While Rey once fought tooth and nail to retain custody of his son, things are currently not good between father and son. Dominik might have high hopes for his future, but he made it clear that his focus right now is on beating up his father. "Right now, the focus is on beating the s*** out of my deadbeat dad." When asked if unmasking his father is also something on his bucket list, Dominik had the following to say: "Do bears s*** in the woods?"


The father and son haven't had a singles match since their Street Fight in June 2023, but it seems like the unsettled heat will likely result in another clash. Interestingly, in September 2023, Rey commented on the animosity between he and his son, and at the time made it clear that he wouldn't back down if push came to shove.

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