Jim Ross Says This WWE Star Can Be 'Anything He Wants To Be'

On"Grilling JR", Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson discussed WrestleMania 40 weekend, and gave their thoughts on the winners from each match as well as discussing potential challengers for new Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes. Thompson specifically outlined Randy Orton as someone who WWE could pit against Rhodes for the title, but also wondered if "The Viper" could turn heel and if the fans would enjoy another character shift for him, to which Ross then offered his perspective.


"I think that Randy can be anything he wants to be," Ross declared. "It's all a matter of presentation Conrad ... Randy's established, he's over, the motivator is the championship, it puts focus on the championship instead of a personal issue ... I'm a firm believer that under the right conditions, the right storytelling, the right actions in the ring that this could be a money maker for them." Ross continued to explain how he feels a match between Orton and Rhodes would be nothing but exceptional, and the only aspect that WWE would need to add leading up to their encounter would be proper storytelling.

"The match as you know would be unbelievable," Ross said. "They could close any show in a very star-studded way. So you got yourself a main event right there, now just build to it. Add the layers to the storytelling comparably that they did for Cody and Roman."Rhodes made his first appearance as Undisputed Champion on "WWE Smackdown" this past Friday, but has yet to cross paths with Orton.


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