Bully Ray Discusses WWE's Longterm Booking Strategy

Bully Ray has detailed the booking style of WWE under Paul "Triple H" Levesque while discussing The Bloodline storyline.

Ray is no stranger when it comes to different booking styles of professional wrestling having worked under Paul Heyman in ECW, Vince McMahon in WWE, and Dixie Carter's during his time in TNA. On an episode of "Busted Open Radio," the Hall of Famer talked about the current style of how things are being booked in WWE. He stated that WWE books their storylines backward since he's familiar with the booking styles of Triple H, Bruce Prichard, and Paul Heyman.


"Which is the correct way to book pro wrestling," Bully Ray explained. "Meaning, they might know right this very moment our main event for WrestleMania 41 is Cody versus the Rock, or Cody versus, let's just say Randy Orton, and we're doing Rock and Roman for Bloodline stuff, they probably have an idea where they want to go. Now, they'll book backwards. When wrestling is booked backwards, that's when we get the beauty of the storytelling and the character development. I'd be willing to bet a dollar they know where they want to go. Obviously, injuries withstanding or Rock's schedule or stuff like that."

He said he's "definitely in" on The Bloodline story as a whole and is excited to see the continued evolution of Solo Sikoa and the "new evolution and introduction" of Tama Tonga. Sikoa appeared to take control of The Bloodline in Roman Reigns' absence on the post-WrestleMania 40 episode of "WWE SmackDown." Tonga was introduced during the segment, and both Bloodline members attacked Jimmy Uso, seemingly kicking him out of the faction.


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