AEW's Adam Copeland Discusses Importance Of Learning To Say 'No' To Bad Ideas

On "This Is Vancolour", host Mo Amir sat down with AEW' star Adam Copeland to discuss the reputation of Canadian wrestlers as well as growing as a performer, specifically how he's learned to reject ideas or pitches he is not comfortable with. Copeland explained that earlier in his career he felt like he had no choice but to perform any material given to him, where now he has more trust in himself to decline anything he's not happy with. "Now I have the confidence in myself, confidence as a performer to know "nah I don't got to do that", I bring more than that to the table ... So that's nice that the industry has grown from that because it's easy to go for low-hanging fruit, and I think that's one thing wrestling did a lot of and thankfully has learned its lesson." 


Amir later asked Copeland about any advice he would give to upcoming wrestlers on the indies if they were asked to do something they were uncomfortable with, to which Copeland replied, "What are you comfortable with? But not only what are you comfortable with, but what are you comfortable living with possibly forever ... I don't think there's anything wrong with no matter what your age going "nah, I think I'm good." You know, the power of no is a beautiful thing." 

Copeland will be making an appearance this Sunday at "AEW Dynasty," when he teams with Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe to battle the "House of Black" in a trios match.