The Undertaker Discusses The 'Closure' He Got From WWE WrestleMania 40

Wrestling fans have come to expect at least a few "holy s***" moments during WrestleMania weekend, but The Undertaker delivering a chokeslam to The Rock on Night 1 probably wasn't predicted by many. Just as Rock was about to lay the smackdown on Cody Rhodes with his weight belt, that all too familiar bell tolled, generating possibly the most explosive reaction of the weekend. On "Six Feet Under," 'Taker reflected on the latest WrestleMania moment he's added to his already legendary career.


"I've been struggling with it since I retired, but [WrestleMania] weekend gave me closure. It really did," Undertaker said. "Obviously, it was fun ... but when it was over and I'm running out of the building, it was like a moment of clarity that I had, like, I'm okay now." Four years prior, at WrestleMania 36, Undertaker wrestled his last official match against AJ Styles in the cinematic "Boneyard Match." While praised for its production value, it was not the way most fans wanted to see Undertaker go out, but then again, fans weren't allowed to see anything live due to the unusual COVID times we were all living in. But thanks to the response his latest appearance produced, 'Taker seemingly left the door open to more in-ring surprises down the line.


"I'm not saying that I wouldn't do something like that in the future," Undertaker said. "But I don't have that feeling in my chest like I've had since I retired, like I hadn't come to peace with it ... It's been difficult the past couple years. Even going to a regular premium live event [to visit]. I would leave before the matches, because I get so — to the point where I need to be out there. And so I was out there, and my goodness. What a moment to have, and such a great storyline."

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