AEW's Kenny Omega Assesses Roman Reigns' Run As WWE Champion

Roman Reigns' dominant tenure as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has been praised by many fans as well as wrestling veterans. Kenny Omega similarly dominated AEW with his lengthy 346-day World Title reign, and in a Twitch stream, "The Cleaner" commented on "The Tribal Chief's" run.


Omega praised Reigns, calling him an "incredible champion" and company spokesperson. "I think he did his job immaculately and I think it took a lot of — it just took a lot of guts and intestinal fortitude." Reigns notably received a lot of criticism for his years-long stint as WWE's top babyface, but most agree that he improved greatly with his run as Bloodline leader, including Omega. "[For] him to stick with — a lot of the backlash and hatred he received over the years from fans and otherwise, he really stuck to his game."

Omega then said that Reigns has been upping his game with every performance, and pointed out that WrestleMania 40's conclusion wouldn't have been as emotional if it wasn't for his growth as a long-term champion. "I have the utmost respect for Roman," Omega said. "I think he's one of the greatest WWE Champions that you just wanted to see someone win the belt off of." Omega then explained why he believes it's important to have a hated heel champion as well. "It's important to want to see your champion hold the belt, but it's also important to have a champion where you just can't wait until someone actually takes it off of him."


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