Lex Luger Assesses Chances Of Winning World Title In WWE

For a while in 1993/1994, Lex Luger looked earmarked for a long run as WWE Champion. Ultimately it never came to pass, with Luger's big World Title match against Yokozuna ending in a count-out victory, with Bret Hart dethroning Yokozuna at WrestleMania 10 instead. Though Luger remained pushed in WWE, he'd never win the WWE Championship before returning to WCW in 1995.


Despite that, Luger revealed on the latest "Lex Expressed" that his reason for returning to WCW wasn't because he felt his career in WWE had plateaued. In fact, Luger believes he still had a shot at becoming WWE Champion had he decided to remain with the promotion.

"There was always a chance," Luger said. "That was actually...my intention was to re-sign [with WWE]. The decision to move back over to WCW was a last-minute 'Hey, we're having our own Monday night show. We didn't know you were available.' I met with Eric and Sting, and it all happened in a period of a few weeks. My intention all along was to re-sign with Vince. 

"I can be stubborn, I guess if you want to use that word, [but] I was always confident. I was like 'You know what? We went in a different direction, but I want to work my way back into contention and possibly [get back] up to the top of the card again and possibly be World Champion in WWE.' I wasn't leaving WWE because I thought my career was over there at the time. I just thought that the opportunity of getting back with Stinger [was too good to pass up], and I always kind of felt at home more with WCW at the time. And they were having a brand new fresh show. I thought that might be a nice opportunity."


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