Video: Karrion Kross On Final Testament WWE NXT Appearance: 'We Go Wherever We Want'

Karrion Kross has seemingly been biding his time ever since returning to WWE, only causing chaos every now and then, but now that he's been joined by Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering and formed The Final Testament, it seems like he's finally acting out his plans. In a recent promo, The Final Testament addressed why they've now been seen on "WWE NXT." "We go wherever we want. We go wherever we want, we just happened to be in the neighborhood." Kross then claimed they simply wanted to beat some people up and check out what was going on within the brand, and that he left unimpressed. "We ran through everybody. Every single person who is a name in this business? We ran through them real fast."


Despite now being on "NXT," Kross made it clear that The Final Testament has their eyes on both "WWE SmackDown" and "WWE Raw" and the new world champions, Damian Priest and Cody Rhodes. "It's all looking very appetizing." Kross noted how some in "NXT" were complaining about their opportunities being taken, which he admitted was one of their goals in the first place. "This is just a taste! We're taking it all away. Everything we did before? We can do it again. Win or lose. I promise you; I give you my word: you will never be the same again when we are done with you. So, say it! The Final Testament."


It remains to be seen if The Final Testament will prove to be successful, especially since some are calling their "NXT" appearance a "demotion," and suggesting that WWE higher-ups were possibly unhappy with their performances.

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