AEW's Young Bucks Break Down Long-Running Tag Team Rivalry With FTR

The Young Bucks and FTR have been clashing ever since Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler set foot in AEW, and have since traded the AEW World Tag Team Championship in their seemingly never-ending battle to crown the best tag team in the world. Speaking with "Sports Illustrated," The Bucks commented on their rivalry with FTR, and what makes the feud timeless.


Nick Jackson looked back at FTR's run in WWE as "The Revival," claiming they noticed the duo when they began to claim they were the best. "It kind of, in a way, made me feel and get super competitive with them. I see similarities in the competitive nature we have, for sure." Due to this, it seems like their rivalry might have started before the creation of AEW — at least on social media. Matt Jackson then recalled how they — in his words — ruled tag team wrestling across the board from 2008 to "most of" the 2010s. "We were the only tag team really making waves, and standing at the top of the mountain at that time. It was lonely up there for a long time. Second place to us was so far apart, you didn't really hear about anyone else."


Matt noted how suddenly FTR seemed to begin to make waves in WWE, something which caught their attention. "When we watched them, we noticed that they were the polar opposite of us. Their presentation was different. Their style was different. I knew one day it would make for a compelling match. The latest chapter of their rivalry will take place at the upcoming AEW Dynasty pay-per-view, where they will determine who the next AEW World Tag Team Champions will be in a Ladder Match.