Young Bucks Tease Upcoming AEW Dynasty Ladder Match As 'Probably One Of Our Last'

This Sunday at AEW Dynasty, a new set of AEW World Tag Team Champions will be decided as the ongoing tournament concludes with a ladder match between the Young Bucks and FTR. Ahead of Dynasty, brothers Matt and Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks spoke to Sports Illustrated, teasing that Sunday's battle may be one of the final times that the two take part in the stipulation they've become so closely associated with.


"This particular ladder match is a big one for us," Matt Jackson said. "We're self-aware enough to realize that this is probably one of our last ones. Every time you do one of these, you're shortening your career, and our days are numbered already either way."

Starting with backyard wrestling in 2001 before eventually opening their own indie promotion, finding success in Japan, and helping create AEW, the Jackson brothers are now more than 20 years into their careers. In the past, Matt has stated that he'd like to retire without making any kind of grand announcement, going "off the grid" and disappearing from the world of wrestling. On the other hand, Nick stated that he'd prefer to start another independent promotion.


Continuing to promote Sunday's match, Matt Jackson shared that he and his brother have been climbing ladders since they were young boys helping out their dad. This exposure has taken fear out of the equation when participating in so many ladder matches throughout their careers, and they feel ready for Sunday's title bout.

Hyping Young Bucks vs. FTR 4 at AEW Dynasty

Recent months have seen the Young Bucks undergo some significant changes to their onscreen presentation, including both being referred to by their full first names, Matthew and Nicholas, on TV. The shift has been part of a conscious decision to challenge themselves, according to Matt, and he believes the changes will make it harder for FTR to know what to expect.


"Not to mention, we've got ladders to play with this go-around," Matt continued. "Ladder matches over the years have been one of our staples, and nobody does them quite like us. Fun fact — last time we won the tag titles, it was during a ladder match that also took place in St. Louis. Can we do it again? Lord knows the tag team division needs us to strap it onto our backs and carry it back to prominence."

In addition to promising a third tag title reign, the Young Bucks assured fans that AEW will deliver an exciting show this Sunday. Nick Jackson went as far as to declare that Dynasty will go down as one of the best pay-per-view events in wrestling history, thanks in no small part to the performance put on by the Young Bucks and FTR along with some surprises.


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