WWE Star Natalya Discusses Renewed Interest In Women's Wrestling

On "Big Show with Rusic & Rose," Natalya joined the show to speak about the continuous growth in interest of women's wrestling in the last year, as well as the impact Triple H has had on the division ever since stepping in as WWE CCO. Natalya went into detail about women becoming some of the best performers WWE has to offer, and the wrestlers she is proud to work with on a daily basis.


"Some of the greatest performers in our company, they're women and I'm proud to be one of those people and to have the longevity that I've had in WWE for nearly two decades, uninterrupted. I'm proud to work with women like Rhea Ripley, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Charlotte, ... Bianca Belair and Naomi, Iyo Sky and the Kabuki Warriors." Natalya also explained how Triple H has always striven for the women to be able to perform the best match on any given show, and how the effort the female roster has put in has reflected well on the product.

"He doesn't want the girls to be looked at as "oh they had a good match for being girls", he wants the women in WWE to be looked at as that was the best match on the show ... that really resonated with me because the women are just doing such great work, we're pouring our hearts into our performances and it shows ... it shows in our numbers, it shows on social media, the women are captivating and it's exciting to be a part of the industry with so much momentum right now." In two weeks, Natalya will battle Lola Vice at "WWE NXT Spring Breakin" after challenging her to an "NXT Underground" match.


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