NXT Underground Set To Return At Spring Breakin'

A former, short-lived "WWE Raw" concept that made its way to "WWE NXT" is set to return in two weeks at the developmental brand's Spring Breakin' event. It was revealed on Tuesday that Lola Vice will take on Natalya in an "NXT" Underground match. 


The veteran appeared on the tron following Vice's win over Sol Ruca and made the announcement. Natalya began her run of "NXT" appearances when she defeated Vice after she answered an open challenge. The following week, she was in the corner of Karmen Petrovic as she took on Vice. Last week, Vice got involved in Natalya's match against "NXT" Women's Champion Roxanne Perez. Vice distracted the veteran star when the referee's back was turned, causing her to lose the match when Perez hit a Pop Rox for the victory.

The "Underground" concept was initially a brainchild of Shane McMahon on the main roster during the coronavirus pandemic. The match type was meant to give off a "Fight Club" feel, being housed in what looked like a warehouse, but was often compared to Bloodsport. "NXT" Underground rules means there are no pinfalls, and the match is more MMA-based, with no ropes around the ring. The last "NXT" Underground match took place back in December, when Dijak was defeated by Eddie Thorpe.