WWE Star Grayson Waller Takes Another Shot At AEW

WWE star Grayson Waller has been rising up the ranks of the promotion, and many believe he'll someday become a main event star. The heat between AEW and WWE has seemingly gotten more intense, and Waller is again inserting himself into the drama. Speaking with "Going Ringside," Waller took another shot at the Jacksonville-based promotion, ahead of a WWE event there.


"Finally, some good wrestling in Jacksonville!" Waller declared. The star took things further by claiming that it's "been years" since the city had good wrestling, and that fans will finally have good wrestling again when "WWE SmackDown" arrives. "Somehow, you can get on Ticketmaster right now, $20 to get a ticket." Waller continued his pitch by boldly proclaiming that the current WWE roster is the best it's ever been in the history of the promotion, and that "SmackDown" especially is "on fire." "You know, things really do feel like a new era. I think Cody said 'Renaissance Era' and I think that's the perfect name for it and the "SmackDown" roster perfectly exudes that."

If it somehow wasn't clear before that Waller was taking a shot at AEW, he took things further by dunking on Tony Khan's NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. "You know that team sucks. Trevor Lawrence? He's horrendous. Pretty much any sports team in Jacksonville sucks, so maybe you wanna come and see a real champion because you ain't going to be seeing one anytime soon!" When asked if he was taking a shot at AEW, Waller feigned ignorance and pulled a mocking face.


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