AEW's Kenny Omega Says This WWE Star Is 'The Most Versatile Wrestler'

Kenny Omega is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers in AEW, but he's never been shy about praising his peers, including those from other promotions like Roman Reigns, whose run as champion he praised. During a recent Twitch stream, Omega called one of WWE's biggest stars "the most versatile wrestler."


"Sami Zayn, he's the most — I would say the most versatile, flexible wrestler and he's proven that," Omega proclaimed. He pointed to Zayn's achievements in his career before WWE, as well as his rise to the upper echelon of the TKO-owned promotion. Before WWE, Zayn was best known for his run as "El Generico" on the indies and in ROH, where he wore a mask. Omega noted how Zayn achieved major babyface status while he wore the mask, and praised him for doing the same without it in WWE.

"But then also takes the mask off, have him use his face, use his voice, use body language, and then also becomes the greatest sympathetic babyface? That — to me — is describing someone who is one of the greatest." Omega noted that despite how big WrestleMania 40 seemed, his favorite match was Zayn versus GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship. "The result was fantastic. It was emotional for me — obviously, being a friend of Sami in real life — and of course, the overall result, the grand finale, and it was a very happy ending result as well," Omega said. "It seems everyone was extremely pleased with that, which I'm happy for."


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