Backstage Update On Drew Gulak's WWE Status

No Quarter Catch Crew has been missing a member as of late, as faction founder Drew Gulak has been missing from WWE programming, and presumed dead in storyline. Even his name has disappeared from the No Quarter Catch Crew entrance graphics on "WWE NXT." On the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer said the reason for his absence is Ronda Rousey's recent allegations that the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion put his hands on her clothing without her consent.


"What I was told was that there was no conclusive thing," Meltzer said. "The witnesses were not conclusive...but Gulak was bad publicity, so he got whacked." Rousey alleged that Gulak grabbed the drawstring on her sweatpants, while Gulak is adamant he merely missed a handshake and tried to turn the awkward situation into a joke. As it stands, Gulak is still with the company, though Meltzer thinks that could change soon.

"I don't know that he's been fired but when I asked it was like 'Well, if he hasn't been, he probably will be,'" Meltzer chuckled. "It's not looking good for him."

No Quarter Catch Crew is currently feuding with The D'Angelo Family, with Tony D'Angelo claiming the Catch Crew hired The Family to take out Gulak and never paid for the hit. Gulak wasn't just pulled from "WWE NXT," as the former 24/7 Champion was also pulled from various WrestleMania Weekend events, including the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, where Gulak was reportedly set to sit near a friend of Rousey's.