WWE Hall Of Famer Jake Roberts Looks Back On His Snake Biting Macho Man Randy Savage

Jake Roberts and Randy Savage started a feud in 1991 that appeared destined for the WrestleMania VIII card the following year. It had been immortalized by a segment involving the pair that had blurred the lines of reality and fiction, traumatized younger fans watching on as the heroic Savage was legitimately bitten by Roberts' king cobra companion. And although they never got their definitive grudge match at the "Show of Shows", Jake "The Snake" still looks back on the segment with a great fondness. Perhaps a little too much fondness, as he joked during the latest "Dark Side of the Ring: Unheard" that he could use footage of the snake biting Savage as a boost in the bedroom. 


"I'll be straight up with you man. If ever I'm in a situation I'm having a hard time achieving wood or something. If I'm with a girl. All I got to do is pop that video in," said Roberts. "It gets me pretty excited. It was a moment that will last forever. I mean you can't go any furth- well, unless you kill somebody. Maybe that's next. Who knows." 

Jake Roberts has previously recalled the "Macho Man's" paranoia towards his reptile, explaining that Savage had him demonstrate that it was not a venomous snake. In the previously unheard excerpt, Roberts further recalled how Savage had laid blame towards the snake for a subsequent infection. 

"Then Randy convinced himself that he was getting sick. Then he wounds up getting a staph infection, so his arm blows up. [He's] like, 'God damn that f**king snake, look at this f**king sh*t man,' so in his own mind convinced himself that, 'That f**king snake had done that,' wasn't the f**king snake that did that Randy. You don't get staph from a snake, you get staph from dirt."