Eric Bischoff Reacts To WWE's Changes In Production

WWE has made many changes over the course of the past few months, as Kevin Dunn's departure at the end of 2023 opened the door for a creative refresh for the company's broadcast presentation. On the latest "83 Weeks," former WWE SmackDown executive director Eric Bischoff said the changes were great.


"Absolutely love it," Bischoff said, quick to admonish any fan who had trashed previous WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn, believing Kevin Dunn and the team Dunn assembled have made major contributions to the presentation of professional wrestling. "Lee Fitting has come in and brought a whole different set of skills."

Bischoff says there's a consistent focus on new ideas on WWE television.

"It suggests growth," Bischoff praised. "It also suggests that people are just not comfortable anymore...comfort can kill you if you," Bischoff said, crediting the old adage about how comfort leads to a lack of innovation and growth in businesses. "This is a whole different approach and it's a fearless approach because I don't think there's a fear of failure." The former WCW President thinks that the freedom to fail and the fearless approach WWE has taken will lead to creative growth for the company.


Bischoff has spent plenty of time in television broadcasting, as not only WCW President, but also as executive director of WWE SmackDown, a position he held briefly in 2019. Kevin Dunn's heir-apparent Michael Mansury left WWE to work at AEW, which led to Lee Fitting being the one to replace Dunn at the beginning of this year. Fitting's background was initially in college sports.