Why Bully Ray Says AEW 'Missed The Beat' With Hook & Chris Jericho Segment

AEW's Hook is the latest rising star that Chris Jericho has entered into an angle with, which will hopefully pay off for the second-generation wrestler. On "AEW Dynamite," Jericho had a promo segment with Hook and his father, ECW legend Taz, which ended in a standoff between "The Ocho" and Hook. However, according to Bully Ray on "Busted Open After Dark," the segment felt off.


Bully proposed that the segment should've been changed to have Taz get up and walk to Jericho in anger instead of starting in the ring with him. "Just walking up to Jericho and be like 'Hey, man, you're laying it on a little too thick. You're laying it on a little too heavy.' (...) That approach from Taz would have meant so much more." Bully also noted that Taz hasn't been physical in a long time due to several serious injuries, and that this added to the tension. However, he criticized Hook's reaction to his father being put into a dangerous situation. "Hook never goes back over to check on his dad. (...) I would have loved to have seen Hook go over to his father, at least afterwards, to show concern."


Bully explained that it should have been natural instinct to check on Taz first before attacking Jericho, and how the lack of this kind of reaction from Hook was a missed opportunity, especially for fan excitement. "If Hook went over to Taz, helped him up, and then slowly turned around? That arena, that hot Arena in Indianapolis with those rabid AEW fans would have been like 'Hook is gonna kill you!' I just got goosebumps even thinking about it."

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