WWE Star R-Truth Opens Up About Emergency Surgery, Potential Amputation

WWE World Tag Team Champion R-Truth is currently enjoying a new wave of success and popularity, as he's not only a major babyface, but also carrying gold for the first time since June 2022. However, this current run almost never happened, as he faced the possibility of leg amputation. Appearing on "The Ringer Wrestling Show," Truth recalled the events surrounding his injury and rehab process.


Looking back at his injury, Truth revealed that he tore his bottom quad tendon, and went into surgery in November. After noticing the wound wasn't healing, he revisited the doctor, who made a startling conclusion upon further examination. "So, he's looking at it, and before he even took the stitches out, he said 'Oh, I need to clean it up.' So, he sprayed the solution on it and when he cleaned it up, there was an actual hole in my knee," Truth said.

He then underwent surgery again, and Truth explained that he had a total of five different bacteria and diseases in his knee, and spent the next week in the hospital. He jokingly compared the situation to visiting a mechanic for an oil change, and finding out that you need an engine overhaul.


R-Truth recalled his reaction to potentially having to amputate his leg

Continuing with his story, Truth recalled how his body began to reject the stitches in his bottom quad, resulting in a third surgery. However, things seemed positive, as he noted he was now on three different medications, instead of the five he had to be on after his first surgery. Unfortunately, the doctor presented him with bad yet realistic news.


The doctor informed Truth that if the infection couldn't be controlled, amputation was a reality. Truth then recalled his reaction. "My whole world stopped ... I was just thinking about not being here for my family, for y'a'll, for me." He said that he had to stop and come to terms with the news, and surprisingly had a very positive reaction to it. "You gotta keep moving, life don't stop, you can't stop, you gotta keep going. So, adapting, evolving, mentally." Truth noted that while he's always been humble, the news made him truly appreciate the simple things in life.

Luckily, in the end, the wound healed completely. "I got the stitches out and the doctor gave me a high five, so the high five was like 'Oh, am I there now?' he said 'Yeah, we can high five!'" Truth then recalled high-fiving everyone in sight, and how since then, he's just been focusing on being better than how he was when he first left.


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