Backstage Update On Reasoning Behind Latest Round Of WWE Releases

WWE released Xyon Quinn, Jinder Mahal, Veer, Sanga, and Xia Li in the latest round of cuts to the roster. And Fightful Select has since reported that the reasoning behind them was cited as budget cuts internally, although it's unknown how that was conveyed to talent. WWE higher-ups reportedly indicated the decisions were made through a combination of not appearing on television due to a lack of creative for the talent released, and a perceived lack of progress compared to tenure. Several wrestlers present for "WWE SmackDown" reportedly found about the releases through public channels, and there weren't memos sent out to talent or staff pertaining to them as has happened in the past. Unfortunately, Fightful couldn't confirm whether this was the last of this round of cuts.


Fightful's Corey Brennan further reports from the "WWE NXT" side of things that Mahal had been present in the developmental territory recently, and was very helpful and willing to give advice to anyone who wanted it. Li was credited for working directly with Shawn Michaels on the story behind her feud with "NXT" Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria last November. She was also advertised for the WWE Women's World Championship battle royal this coming Monday on "WWE Raw". Reportedly, the graphics team had not been privy to Li being released. The report concludes to note that there were no individual situations that led to the releases, and the talent let go had been generally well-liked. 

This wasn't the first round of talent releases since WWE and UFC merged to become TKO last fall, and sadly, will likely not be the last in the foreseeable future, as mass cost-cutting is commonplace in the periods following such large corporate transactions.