Jay White & The Gunns Beat The Acclaimed, Unify Trios Titles On AEW Dynasty Zero Hour

Jay White and The Gunns defeated The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn in a winner-takes-all bout for the AEW Trios and ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships on the AEW Dynasty pre-show. Jay White pinned Billy Gunn to secure victory with a Blade Runner after "Daddy Ass" endured a ton of offense and appeared likely to snatch the win at one stage. 


Anthony Bowens and White started the match opposite one another before Billy and Austin Gunn tagged in for their respective partners. They shared a brief father-son moment when Billy helped Austin Gunn up, only to lock him in a side headlock followed by a shoulder tackle to drop him. Colten Gunn also got some time with his father in the ring, attempting to blindside Billy — only for Billy to tank the blow and sock him back. Billy being impervious to offense would become a recurring theme throughout the bout, leading into the final stretch between himself and White. Gunn almost had the match won with a Famouser, but White would push through to deliver the elusive Blade Runner, finally keeping his opponent down for the count. 


The Acclaimed's run as Trios Champions ends at 203 days; they originally won the title from House of Black in August last year. The two sets of trios titles are now officially unified in the hands of Bullet Club Gold — curiously announced on this show as The Bang Bang Gang — who defeated The Mogul Embassy for the belts in January on "AEW Dynamite."

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