Dave Meltzer Discusses Impact Of WWE's Netflix Deal On AEW

The way fans watch wrestling will forever change at the start of 2025 with WWE moving "Raw" to Netflix, and the rest of its programming, including Premium Live Events, heading to the streaming platform for international viewers. Fans in places like the United Kingdom, Latin America, and Canada will be able to see everything that WWE produces on Netflix from the beginning of 2025, which is big for WWE, but it could be even bigger for AEW.


During an episode of "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer mentioned that from an international standpoint, WWE moving everything over to Netflix opens up a variety of doors for AEW as there will be channels around the world that will want wrestling. 

"This gives AEW a real shot in these markets like Germany, or India, or whatever, you've got these stations that have historically had wrestling, and in India, Sony Six has had great success with pro wrestling, and they're not going to have it anymore after this current deal is up and it goes to Netflix. So WWE doing the whole world on Netflix opens up a lot of stations that traditionally had wrestling, and had success with wrestling, the best wrestling they're going to be able to get is AEW."


AEW already airs internationally on stations ITV in the United Kingdom, Eurosport in India, and TSN in Canada, where the company regularly draws good ratings, with streaming platforms like Triller TV also airing AEW's back catalog for international viewers for a monthly fee. The success of AEW on channels like ITV in the UK played a huge part in the success of the All In event at Wembley Stadium as ITV is a channel that is available to everyone in the country without having to pay for anything extra.

Please credit "Wrestling Observer Radio" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.