Tony Khan Thinks AEW Library Will Be Available To Stream By 2025, Could Include NJPW

Tony Khan has discussed the likelihood of moving the company's programming to a streaming service. The boss told the AEW Dynasty post-show media scrum that a streaming deal is something to consider, as many sports have done that. However, the company is currently in an exclusive negotiation window with Warner Brothers Discovery regarding media rights and nothing is certain yet.


"We have really an amazing relationship and I think it's a really great thing to have wrestling on TBS and TNT for the fans every week," Khan said. "It's a great American tradition. I really, really love it and all things, to me, I love being here and I can't wait to keep talking, keep figuring it out. But I definitely think you can count, in 2025, on, at a minimum, the opportunity to stream the amazing library that we've built."

Speaking about an AEW streaming archive, Khan said the company is approaching at least 240 episodes of "AEW Dynamite," over 100 episodes of "AEW Rampage," almost one year of "AEW Collision." Khan touted the library of pay-per-views and thousands of hours of Ring Of Honor footage, as well as the inaugural All In event. He said there are many opportunities to bring fans to their library and the opportunity to bring in more contnt, mentioning the company's partnership with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


"We've got this amazing track record of delivering on pay-per-view events, so there will be so much great content," Khan said. "For the future of 'Dynamite,' 'Rampage,' and 'Collision,' I think there's a great opportunity to reach fans across multiple platforms and really, after doing a great show like this... It bodes really well for us having a lot of good options for next year."