Ludwig Kaiser Destroys Giovanni Vinci, Breaks Up Imperium After WWE Raw Loss To New Day

Following months of teases toward cracks in the armor with Imperium, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci have appeared to be at least closer toward being on the same page again of late. Tonight on "WWE Raw," following a loss to The New Day, that all went right out the window as Kaiser turned on Vinci and beat him relentlessly outside of the ring.


With producers and referees separating the former partners, Kaiser doubled back down the ramp, sprinted around the ring and blasted Vinci once more with a dropkick as he lay prone on the ring steps. Kaiser then walked back to the backstage area with a proud smile on his face, before encountered GUNTHER in Gorilla Position, where "The Ring General" smiled and nodded in approval.

Prior to the match, GUNTHER reflected on his record-setting 666-day run as Intercontinental Champion and announced his intention to enter and win the upcoming King of the Ring tournament, adding to the finality of this version of Imperium that the segment overall conveyed.